Idaho Republicans vow to fight same-sex marriage, despite huge costs

GOP willing to spend money to fight equality, calling it 'a wise use of funds'

Idaho Republicans vow to fight same-sex marriage, despite huge costs
05 January 2014

Republicans in Idaho have vowed to defend the states ban on same-sex marriage from legal challenges, as four couples are taking their case to the federal court.

The lawsuit comes after the US Supreme Court made rulings in June last year that reinforce the legal status of same-sex marriages.

The four couples, aided by local attorneys and the National Centre For Lesbian Rights contest that the state ban on same-sex marriage is against the US constitutions guarantees of equal protection and due process.

It is believed the legal battle could be costly to the state. However, Republicans are confident the challenge to the state’s ban will fail, and are more than happy to spend money to keep equal marriage out of Idaho.

Governor C.L ‘Butch’ Otter said: ‘I can’t factor the cost of obeying the Constitution. The Constitution’s very straight forward and directs me — exactly what I’ve gotta do.

‘I don’t like to spend a lot of money on lawsuits, but on the other hand, the Constitution doesn’t give me a lot of room to maneuver.’

Senate GOP leader Brent Hill agrees with Otter, saying: ‘It’s always a wise use of funds to defend our constitution.’

However, Democrats in Idaho believe the fight is a ‘losing battle’ because of the conservative nature of the state, and instead wish to support fights for equality elsewhere.

House Minority Leader John Rusche believes fighting for equal marriage in the state would be costly, and likened it to ‘holding back the tide.’

Rusche said: ‘I just think that it’s like, what was that, King Alfred trying to hold back the tide… You can spend a lot of money trying to hold back the inevitable.’



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