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Idina Menzel to perform coming out anthem at Oscars

Longtime gay rights advocate will be performing her song 'Let It Go' from Disney's Frozen at the Academy Awards
Idina Menzel will be performing Disney song 'Let It Go' at the Academy Awards.

Broadway star Idina Menzel is to perform a coming out anthem at the Academy Awards.

The longtime gay rights advocate and powerhouse performer will be singing ‘Let It Go’ from Disney’s Frozen at the annual Oscars ceremony.

Menzel said: 'It's really happening. I'm singing on the Oscars! Surreal.

'Thank you Frozen family and Oscar producers for this incredible opportunity.'

The track is nominated for Best Original Song, alongside ‘Happy’ from Despicable Me 2, ‘Ordinary Love’ from Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom and ‘The Moon Song’ from Her.

‘Let It Go’ has been hailed by many LGBTI blogs and others as Disney’s ultimate coming out anthem.

During the film, it comes as the queen Elsa exiles herself to protect her beloved sister and people from her dangerous ice-wielding powers.

Voiced in the movie by Menzel, she ‘slams the door’ on the past, becomes a queen of her own making and sets herself free.

Pharrell Williams will also perform ‘Happy’ live at the event on 2 March.

Check out ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen below:

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