IDV is first Italian party to say ‘yes’ to gay marriage

Italia dei Valori party has launched a campaign following US president Barack Obama's support for gay marriage

IDV is first Italian party to say ‘yes’ to gay marriage
15 May 2012

For the first time in history, an Italian party has said ‘yes’ to same-sex marriage.

The move came from Antonio Di Pietro, leader of Italia dei Valori (Italy of Values), early this morning (15 May).

His stance has been relaunched on the IDV’s website by gay activist and member of regional party of Emilia-Romagna for IDV party, Franco Grillini.

Grillini said: ‘Our party has been the first in Italy to follow US president Barack Obama. We invite other Italian parties to support gay marriage. You don’t have to be shy, you have to say yes.’

He added: ‘Italian politicians must share Obama’s vision. It’s not true that our constitution does not allow same-sex marriage and some sentences of the Italian High Court have given gay and lesbian couples new rights.’

LGBT association ARGIGAY president, Paolo Patanè, commented: ‘Italia dei Valori is following US president Barack Obama, new French president Hollande, UK’s prime minister David Cameron and Cuba’s Raul Castro.

‘This is finally a cultural revolution; for the first time an Italian political party avoids ambiguity and recognizes the social value of LGBT people’s feelings and needs.

‘This is also the first time an Italian politician says that LGBT and straight people are fully equal in their rights.’

IDV is one of Italy’s smaller parties but has been part of coalition governments in the past.

Italian LGBT associations are asking Pier Luigi Bersani, leader of Partito Democratico (Democrat Party), currently the country’s most popular party, to accept the idea of same-sex marriage. Earlier this week, Bersani recognized the need for a new law but said: ‘Don’t call it marriage.’



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