If Mitt Romney had gay grandchild, he would want them to be happy – but not married

Republican presidential candidate: 'Marriage for me continues to be between a man and a woman'

If Mitt Romney had gay grandchild, he would want them to be happy – but not married
20 September 2012

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney reiterated his stance against gay marriage this week – even if it was a grandchild of his wanting to marry someone of the same sex.

Romney was asked about gay marriage at a Meet the Candidate event in Coral Gables, Florida, and how he would feel if one of his five sons or grandchildren were gay and wanted to be wed.

Romney promptly reminded the audience that his sons are heterosexual: ‘Well, all my children are married, so I’d be very surprised.’

So he shifted it to his grandchildren and the possibility that one of them might be gay and want to get married.

‘I love my children, and I love my grandchildren, and of course I’d want them to be happy,’ he said. ‘My view is this: individuals should be able to pursue a relationship of love and respect and raise a family as they would choose.’

But then the man who has vowed to push for a federal ban on gay marriage added: ‘I would like to have the term ‘marriage’ continue to be associated with a relationship between one man and one woman.’

‘That certainly doesn’t prevent two people of the same gender living in a loving relationship together, having domestic partnership, if you will,’ Romney added. ‘I can see rights, such as hospital visitation rights, and similar types of things being provided to those individuals. But marriage for me continues to be between a man and a woman.’



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