If you want to date gay soccer pro Robbie Rogers, meet him in an organic way

'It bothers me when someone tries to hook me up with a friend'

If you want to date gay soccer pro Robbie Rogers, meet him in an organic way
11 July 2013

In about five months, Robbie Rogers has gone from closeted pro athlete to one of the most eligible gay men in Los Angeles.

But that doesn’t mean dating has been a breeze for the LA Galaxy player.

‘It bothers me when someone tries to hook me up with a friend — “You’re gay, my friend’s gay, you’re gonna love each other.” It’s like, OK, probably not,’ he tells Out Magazine in a cover profile published today.

‘It has to happen in an organic way, where someone introduces himself and is genuine and doesn’t want to talk about soccer straight out the gate,’ he explains. ‘When I started dating this guy in London, I just went up to him. I’m sure I’ll meet someone in a random place– the grocery store or wherever.’

At 26, Rogers actually hasn’t dated many men.

Trying to act the part of a straight footballer, he had dated women and prior to coming out in February, had not hooked up with any guys.

He was asked if he has been making up for lost time.

‘I’m very conservative, but I have met some good people that I’ve hung out with,’ he says. ‘In London I dated a guy for a few months. He’s still one of my good friends, but it’s been tough to meet people in West Hollywood.’



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