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Illinois poll shows 50 percent in favor of legalizing gay marriage

Only 29 percent are against marriage equality, the rest undecided

A survey of 600 adults in Illinois found that 50 percent are in favor of marriage equality in the state with the strongest support coming from Chicago.

The Crain's/Ipsos Illinois Poll was conducted after the State Senate passage last week of a marriage equality bill that will now need to be considered by the House of Representatives.

If the bill, known as the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, is approved by the House, the legislation will be signed into law by Illinois Governor Pat Quinn and Illinois will become the 10th state in the US to allow gay marriage.

While half of the respondents in the poll favor marriage equality, 29 percent of those poll remain against it. Of those, 51 percent indicated that religion is a factor in their feelings on the subject. The other 20 percent of the respondents said they have mixed feelings on the subject.

Of those who are in favor of marriage equality, 37 percent said they are 'strongly' in favor while 13 percent said they are 'somewhat' in favor. Meanwhile, of the 29 percent against gay marriage, only 19 percent said they 'strongly' oppose it while 10 percent said they 'somewhat' oppose it.

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