Indian guru: Supporters of gay rights must have the ‘gay disease’

Baba Ramdev has said any homosexuals who do not want to be arrested should come for him for yoga classes

Indian guru: Supporters of gay rights must have the ‘gay disease’
18 December 2013

An Indian guru has said anyone who supports gay rights must have the ‘gay disease’.

Baba Ramdev, a spiritual leader known for popularizing yoga, was asked for his comments on the leaders of the ruling party opposing a law banning homosexuality.

Last week, the Supreme Court in India shocked the world by recriminalizing 12.5% of the world’s LGBTI population.

He said if the Congress leaders were opposed to Section 377, it seems ‘most Congress leaders must be gay’.

This is the same guru who has told gay men if they do not want to be arrested under the new gay sex ban in India, then they should come to him for yoga classes to be ‘cured’.

‘I invite them to my ashram. Two people belonging to opposite sex will be kept in one room for a few days and they will be cured of homosexuality,’ Ramdev said.

Welcoming the Supreme Court banning gay sex, he added: ‘The practice of homosexuality is unscientific, unnatural, uncivilised, immoral, irreligious and abnormal.

‘Homosexuality is not genetic. If our parents were homosexuals, then we would not have been born. So it’s unnatural.’

While known for building his yoga empire, Ramdev has recently turned to political issues.

Back in 2009 when the Delhi High Court decriminalized consensual gay sex, he gave evidence at the ruling saying it would ‘encourage criminality and sick mentality’.



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