Indian women would prefer gay husband to cheating husband

Indian newspaper declares that many women would prefer a gay husband to one who cheats on them with other women

Indian women would prefer gay husband to cheating husband
28 October 2012

India’s Hindustan Times has declared that ‘gay men make the best husbands’ and says in many cases Indian women would prefer a sexless marriage with a gay man to someone who will cheat on them with other women.

‘Strange as it may sound, but it’s the gay guys who are scoring over straight men in some cases when it comes to marriage worthiness,’ wrote Hindustan Times relationships writer Shara Ashraf.

‘Sick of lecherous, two-timing, aggressive men who tromp over their feeling, some women are opting for a “safer option” – marrying gay men, who are believed to be more sensitive and caring.’

Ashraf spoke to 26 year old artist ‘Tania’ who married her friend ‘Aryan’ despite knowing he was attracted to men.

‘It doesn’t matter that he is gay,’ Tania said.

‘He is the most loving guy I’ve ever met. He never thrusts his choices on me. When you love someone truly, physical needs lose their importance.’

Another woman told Ashraf, ‘My ex, who was straight, dumped me for another woman.’

‘I am now married to a very caring gay man. I know he will never go after other woman. It’s better than suffering an abusive relationship with an adulterous straight man.’

The women Ashraf spoke to were unconcerned that their husbands slept with men.

‘It’s still a better deal than catching him with other women.’

Although India decriminalized homosexuality in 2009, same-sex relationships are not legally recognized and many gay men face extreme pressure from family members to marry women and have children.



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