Injured lesbian getting worldwide support

Donations come in for injured Texan lesbian

Injured lesbian getting worldwide support
30 June 2012 Print This Article

Donations are coming in for Mary Christine Chapa, the 18 year old lesbian injured in a shooting.

Chapa and her girlfriend, Mollie Judith Olgin, as reported by NBC Latino, were found in a Portland, Texas park approximately a week ago. Both sustained gun shot wounds to the head. Olgin, 19, was pronounced dead at the scene. Chapa was taken to a local hospital, where she is making an ‘amazing recovery.’

A WePay donation page has been created for the injured young woman’s medical bills, and now it has $25,000 as of 29 June.

Her brother, Hilario, told  his sister has written Olgin’s name. He fears saying anything about her death.

‘I’m kind of afraid. She is in such a fragile state right now.’

A vigil was held for the couple at the park on 29 June. Similar events were held in San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

Yesterday 29 June, police announced a witness to the shooting had come forward. As reported by ABC News, the suspect ‘is a white male in his 20s with dark hair.’ His height is approximately 5-foot-8 inches and he weighs approximately 140 pounds.

Federal law enforcement agencies, the Texas Rangers and Texas Department of Public Safety are helping the Portland police to solve the crime.



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