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Ireland PM to reveal views on gay marriage

A referendum promised by Ireland's deputy PM Eamon Gilmore is likely to take place in autumn 2014 or spring 2015
Ireland's PM Enda Kenny has said he willl reveal his position on same-sex marriage tomorrow (5 November).

Ireland’s Prime Minister Enda Kenny has said he will finally reveal his views on same-sex marriage.

The Taoiseach and his centre-right party Fine Gael has said they will make an announcement on whether they will be supporting or opposing marriage equality tomorrow (5 November).

Last week, the Deputy PM and head of Labour Eamon Gilmore promised there will be a public vote on same-sex marriage before spring 2015.

Speaking to reporters at a Fine Gael dinner in Dublin last night, he also revealed the Cabinet will be setting a date for the referendum this week.

While it is believed Fine Gael will support their coalition partner’s push for a referendum, it is unknown whether they will fight for or against it when it comes to the vote.

The Government was forced to consider the issue in order to meet the deadline for responding to recommendations from the Constitutional Convention, who voted overwhelmingly in favor of same-sex marriage.

Kieron Rose, Gay and Lesbian Equality Network chair, said he strongly welcomed the commitment by the Tánaiste to hold a referendum in the lifetime of the Government.

‘We believe that the people of Ireland will continue their warm acceptance of lesbian and gay couples and families and that a yes vote can be carried in a referendum that would provide access to civil marriage,’ he said.

‘The overwhelming vote at the Constitutional Convention, the widespread celebration of civil partnerships all across the country and the growing public and political support for marriage mean that Ireland is now ready to move to the next step of providing access to civil marriage and full Constitutional protection for lesbian and gay people and families.’

A 2013 survey showed 73% of Irish people agreed ‘same sex marriage should be allowed in the Constitution’.

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