Israeli gay couple turn to YouTube to start a family

Couple creates heartbreaking video talking about their hopes to have a baby

Israeli gay couple turn to YouTube to start a family
26 February 2013

An Israeli gay couple have taken to the internet in their final hope to start a family.

Liran Altman Kadury, 36, and Yuval Kadury Altman, 33, a couple from Tel Aviv, have already spent thousands of dollars trying to start a family by surrogacy.

But when they tried, one surrogate miscarried twins in the ninth week. The second didn’t take at all.

The would-be fathers are so desperate for a baby they are borrowing money from family, downsizing their lifestyle, and depleting their life savings.

They have now launched a Mimoona campaign, similar to Kickstarter, to raise  250,000 Israeli New Sheqels ($67,075, €51,327) to try surrogacy again.

In the video, which has reached over 80,000 hits in a couple of weeks, the couple says because it hurts to speak about their struggles, they decided to write down their plea on pieces of paper.

‘Every human being has the right to start a family,’ one slide reads.

Check out the heartbreaking video below, and their donation site here:



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