It Doesn’t Get Better for gay haters

FCKH8 campaign to donate 10c to anti-bullying groups every time YouTube video is viewed

It Doesn’t Get Better for gay haters
18 April 2012

With so many It Gets Better videos flying around on YouTube, it's easy to overlook the forgotten victims of the gay rights campaign – homophobes.

It Doesn't Get Better for gay hate campaigners is the snarky message from the FCKH8 gang, whose latest video features US comedians, including Glozell, Miles Jai, Chris Thompson, Tyler Oakley and Shane Dawson.

The gay rights group will donate 10c to anti-bullying groups every time the video is played.

So, share this awesome and fabulously foul-mouthed clip on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites and help make a difference.



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