‘It Gets Better’ creator Dan Savage nominated for Emmy

The out gay author and activist is nominated for the Youtube video campaign meant to give hope to bullied gay teens

‘It Gets Better’ creator Dan Savage nominated for Emmy
20 July 2012

Dan Savage has been nominated for an Emmy Award for It Gets Better project.

The viral campaign was launched by Savage and his husband, Terry Miller, as a response to gay teens who were committing suicide because of anti-gay bullying.

Savage is nominated in the category of Outstanding Children’s Nonfiction, Reality, or Reality-Competition Program

It Gets Betters includes thousands of video contributions that include messages of support from Mormon parents, US soldiers in Afghanistan and even US President Barack Obama.

The program has also inspired other campaigns throughout the world including Stonewall’s ‘It Gets Better… Today’ and Latin America’s ‘Todo Mejora’.

Savage, writer of the syndicated sex column Savage Love, has also gained notoriety for other viral campaigns including ‘google Santorum’.

After Pennsylvania Senator and former US presidential candidate Rick Santorum compared homosexual sex to bestiality, Savage launched a website that defined ‘santorum’ as ‘the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes a byproduct of anal sex’.

Savage offered to take down the website if Santorum donated $5 million (€4.1 million) to gay marriage advocacy group Freedom To Marry.

Additional LGBT-favorite Emmy nominations include ‘Modern Family’s Jesse Tyle Ferguson, comedienne Margaret Cho, actor Jim Parsons and comedienne Kathy Griffin.

Check out five of the most popular ‘It Gets Better’ videos below from: Glee’s Chris Colfer, US President Barack Obama, founder Dan Savage and husband Terry Miller, Prime Minister David Cameron and Jamey Rodemeyer, a bisexual teen who committed suicide fourth months after uploading his ‘It Gets Better’ video.  



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