Is it a suitcase? Is it a scooter?

Win a scooter: To celebrate GSN reaching one million pageviews, we're giving away a Micro Luggage Scooter so you can beat the queues at the airport

Is it a suitcase? Is it a scooter?
28 May 2012

Gay Star News has just reached a million page impressions since we went live. We couldn’t have done it without you, so we’re giving away a prize to celebrate.

If you have the crowds at the airport, or even want to zoom to work the healthy way, the Micro Luggage Scooter is perfect. It combines a nippy scooter and a sturdy case with a 26-litre capacity.

Micro Scooters UK has already got thousands of families on the school run onto their Mini and Maxi Micros scooters.

Now the company is set to repeat the trick with commuting and holiday and business travel with the Micro Luggage scooter, priced at £250 ($392 €311).

Not only do you get a bit of exercise, you also speed up your transfer or journey time and there’s plenty of room to carry everything you need.

Micro Luggage can also go on a plane too as it’s classed as carry-on luggage and can be stowed neatly in an over-head compartment.

With a hard-shell case combined with a compact, lean-and-steer scooter, the Micro Luggage ensures you will glide to your destination in style. The scooter then neatly packs away leaving you with a conventional case.

For more relaxed occasions, the Micro Luggage can be used as a regular wheeled case.

GSN are giving you the opportunity to win your very own Micro Luggage Scooter to celebrate us reaching a massive one million page impressions since we went live in December.

All you have to do is retweet this story with the hashtag ‘#1million’ to be in with a chance. You can follow @gaystarnews here.

The lucky winner will be selected tomorrow afternoon (2pm BST, 29 May) – good luck!



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