Italian boy commits suicide after Facebook and school gay hate

15-year-old boy loved to wear pink trousers and pink jumpers, but was derided on Facebook and at his high school

Italian boy commits suicide after Facebook and school gay hate
22 November 2012

A 15-year-old boy has committed suicide after having been bullied on social networks and at school in Rome, Italy.

‘AS’, a student from the Cavour high school, in Rome’s city center, loved to wear pink trousers and pink jumpers and someone created a fake profile on Facebook deriding him for his clothes.

Fabrizio Marrazzo, LGBT association Gay Center’s spokesman, said: ‘Now we want an inquest, we’d like to know what are the reasons that caused his suicide.’

On Tuesday (20 November), ‘AS’ went to school after having varnished his nails. According to La Repubblica’s reporter, the boy was reproached by his teacher.

Then yesterday (21 November) he hanged himself at his home in front of his younger brother.

Vincenzo Branà, Bologna Arcigay’s president, said: ‘Now we need a law against homophobia, it’s up to the parliament. But local governments have to do something as well.

‘They have to launch helplines and associations against homophobia. This is an emergency, now.’

Bologna Arcigay’s ‘Progetto Scuola’ is a leading project against homophobia in schools. ‘But we can rely only on ourselves,’ Branà added.

Italy doesn’t have any law against homophobia. A bill proposed by Partito Democratico party did not pass the second reading at the parliament.

LGBT associations in Rome will march through the city this evening in memory of the teenager.



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