Italian cops have their gay families recognized

Now LGBT police in a same-sex relationship in Italy can ask to be transferred from one city to another for 'family reasons'

Italian cops have their gay families recognized
10 October 2012

Italian LGBT associations are celebrating the new move by the Home Office, which changed an internal document on police mobility.

Thanks to the change LGBT police and their partners can ask to be transferred from one city to another for ‘family reasons’.

It had been demanded by Certi Diritti and Oscad, the the anti-discrimination body of the Italian police known as the ‘Osservatorio per la Sicurezza Contro gli Atti Discriminatori’.

‘It’s just a small step, but it’s also a great victory for LGBT people in Italy,’ said the Certi Diritti association.

Previously, the internal document was aimed at securing the mobility ‘for a couple made of a man and a woman.’ So same-sex couples were excluded.

Now, Certi Diritti wants more progress.

Its leader, Yuri Guaiana, said: ‘Another internal document dating back to 2007 reported that the Home Office can not translate into Italian the certificates of same-sex marriages celebrated abroad.

‘According to the former Home Secretary Giuliano Amato, this is due to “public order” reasons. This is unfair and we are fighting against this old rule.’

Italy does not recognize same-sex unions. Some Italian cities have launched a Registro delle Unioni Civili, guaranteeing civil partnership, but without giving any rights or responsibilities.  



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