Italian gay student made 10 calls to suicide hotlines before he jumped

Before a Rome medical student jumped off an 11 story building, he made frequent calls crying for help over the homophobia he faced at university

Italian gay student made 10 calls to suicide hotlines before he jumped
07 November 2013

A gay medical student made 10 calls to suicide hotlines before he jumped, it was revealed yesterday (6 November).

Italian police acquired ten phone calls made by Simone D, the gay man in Rome who killed himself over homophobia at the end of October.

‘I can understand people who commit suicide,’ he said to the anti-homophobia contact center.

Simone’s phone calls were recorded in the last two months. ‘I study at the university and when I walk along the corridors, my mates call me “faggot”. They joke about me,’ he said in another phone call.

‘I am fed up of jokes and discrimination. It has been happening since I was at the primary school. Then it happened again at the high school and now it’s happening at the university.’

The Roman police is now investigating for incitement to suicide, but a source told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera ‘it will be very difficult to find the real criminals.’

Simone, 21, killed himself by jumping from the 11th floor of a former pasta factory on 27 October. His last name has not been made publicly known.

‘I’m gay,’ he said, in a note discovered after his death. ‘Italy is a free country but there is homophobia. Those who have these attitudes must deal with their conscience.’

Authorities believe the 21-year-old had been suffering harassment at his internship at the Policlinico Umberto, the largest public hospital in Italy.

A remembrance day organized by the main Italian LGBTI associations followed his death.

In the last call, he said: ‘Hi, my name is Simone and I am 21. They always joked about me. Life is really hard.’



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