Italian MP says a gay son would be ‘worse than daughter marrying a Moroccan’

Italian MP Massimo Polledri, Lega Nord, says that 'homosexuals have to go to the psychologist to feel better'

Italian MP says a gay son would be ‘worse than daughter marrying a Moroccan’
06 June 2012

‘A gay son? It would be worse than my daughter wanting to be a nun or to marry someone from Morocco.’

That’s the comment from Italian MP Massimo Polledri, of Lega Nord Party, who also said that a gay son ‘would be the worst thing it could happen to me.’

Interviewed by the radio programme La Zanzara, on Radio 24 on Monday (4 June), the Italian politician, also a psychiatrist, added that ‘homosexuals are not happy. They go to psychologist and that’s the only way to feel better.’

The Lega Nord Party, which has lost a lot of mayors and local councillors in the last Italian elections, was a member of the last coalition government led by Silvio Berlusconi.

But other politicians have criticised his remarks.

Emilia Romagna regional MP and gay activist Franco Grillini commented: ‘A psychiatrist should know that the real problems for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender citizens come from homophobia.’

And Monica Cerruti of the Sinistra, Ecologia e Libertà Party said: ‘Polledri’s words are dangerous. The new Lega Nord, after the fall of Berlusconi’s government, has not changed. It is always the same.’

Italian MP and gay activist Anna Paola Concia commented: ‘We still live in the Stone Age and Polledri’s words prove that.’

Polledri’s statements have also been condemned by Arcigay, Italy’s main LGBT association. 



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