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Italian police arrest alleged murderer of gay man found in ditch

A 31-year-old man has been taken into custody by the authorities. He was already known to police. Gay Center: 'Italy is still a homophobic country'
Daniele Fulli, 28, is believed to have been attacked with a bradawl, murdered and thrown in a ditch.

Italian police have arrested a man suspected of murdering a gay activist discovered in a ditch.

Andrea Troisio, 31,  was taken into custody by the Roman police for the alleged murder of Daniele Fulli, 28, the gay man found dead on the banks of the Tiber river last Tuesday (7 January).

The Italian police stopped Troisio after a quick investigation, several interviews and after having tracked his cell phone. He was taken into custody at night and he was found at a drug addiction support clinic. He was already known to police.

The Italian authorities believe Fulli, a young hairdresser, died on 4 January. The coroner found two holes and the police is now saying he probably died because of a bradawl - similar to a screwdriver.

When discovered, Fulli was badly bruised and he was stripped from below his waist. The alleged murder frightened the Roman LGBTI community as several homophobic attacks have made the headlines in the last few months.

According to Fulli’s closest friends, Fulli was having an affair with Simone D, when the young man committed suicide last October.

Fulli was well known by the Roman LGBTI activists as he was a volunteer at the Gay Center headquarters.

Speaking to Gay Star News, Gay Center’s president Fabrizio Marrazzo said: ‘Rome is like the rest of Italy. Gay hate is still too strong, we don’t have an anti-homophobia law and LGBTI have not been give the basic rights in the recent past.

‘We loved Daniele, he was very sensible and he helped us so much. But what happened to him could happen everywhere in Italy, gay hate is a virus.

‘Rome makes the headlines because here in the capital the LGBTI associations are very proactive and people are used to report the crimes to the police.

‘Politicians are doing nothing basically. We can only fight with our resources, I can say we are not supported by anyone. We feel lonely.’

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