Italian ‘populist’ party wants gay marriage, trans rights and to stamp out gay hate

Former comedian Beppe Grillo's movement is asking the Italian Chambers to work on gay hate, same-sex marriage and gender reassignment

Italian ‘populist’ party wants gay marriage, trans rights and to stamp out gay hate
09 April 2013

The newly elected Italian parliament is already working on three pro-gay bills presented by the new party Movimento 5 Stelle (M5S).

Former comedian Beppe Grillo’s party has asked the parliament to  introduce marriage equality, trans rights and stamping out gay hate in Italy.

The M5S is a ‘new movement of citizens’ and has been labeled by its political opponents as a ‘populist party’, pandering to both left-wing and right-wing Italians.

The first drafts of the three bills, 391, 392 and 393, known as ‘disegni di legge’, are now being investigated by the commission in charge to approve new debates at the Italian parliament.

This means they are subjected to amendments by the same party or by other political movements.

The gay discrimination bill 391, presented by the member of parliament Michela Montevecchi, is about ‘new rules on homophobia and transphobia’.

MP Alberto Airola, from M5S, presented the DDL 392, about ‘new rules on gender reassignment and the lives of transgender people’.

MP Luis Alberto Orellana is the author of the DDL 393, about ‘new rules on same-sex marriage and civil partnership’.

The new bills have been written in collaboration with Rete Lenford, an association of pro-gay lawyers and barristers.

Partito Democratico’s Ivan Scalfarotto, who is also an openly gay activist, criticized the party. He said the Movimento 5 Stelle bills were a ‘copy’ of his bills presented last March. 



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