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Italian scientist claims 'vaccines make you gay'

Gian Paolo Vanoli makes the headlines in Italy after saying 'Every vaccine is a poison that blocks your personality' but believes drinking urine is a 'perfect cure'
A vaccine in Brazil. An Italian scientist claims that 'vaccines make you gay'
Photo by Sandra Rugio.

Italian scientist and journalist Gian Paolo Vanoli is making the headlines in Italy after claiming vaccines make you gay or lesbian.

Interviewed by, Vanoli said: ‘When a vaccine is injected into a child, it is a sort of poison and makes the child gay.

‘This is a problem we’ll notice in the next generations, because now gay people want children and these children will inherit their parents’ DNA.

‘Homosexuality is a disease. I know that the World Health Organization does not think so, but I don’t care.

‘Every vaccine produces homosexuality, because it blocks our personality. It’s a sort of autism. In the future there will be too many gays and lesbians. It will be a disaster.’

Vanoli – who also claims that drinking urine is ‘the perfect cure’ – is an Italian 'naturopata', a scientist who denies the principles of the mainstream scientific research, and is a supporter of Beppe Grillo’s Movimento 5 Stelle (M5S).

Grillo’s movement was one of the winners of Italy’s last elections (24 and 25 February) and was supported by the 20% of the Italian voters.

However, a network of M5S’s local councillors highlighted that ‘Vanoli’s remarks are his own remarks. Movimento 5 Stelle thinks that his thoughts are really offensive and he has no official role in our party.’

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