Italian voters want more pro-gay politics

An LGBT-friendly party would be the third biggest in Italy, with backing from right and left-wing voters, poll shows

Italian voters want more pro-gay politics
04 April 2012

A party with pro-gay policies in Italy would come third in a national election – if it existed.

That’s the result of a survey by Euromedia Research which showed a hypothetical ‘pro-gay’ political party would attract 13% of the votes, after the right-wing PDL and left-wing PD parties.

That’s a good result for the Italian lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender citizens, who are not officially represented by any political movement sitting in the parliament.

There are openly gay members of Parliament in Italy, who fight for LGBT rights, but all of them are from the left. But the survey by Euromedia Research has also revealed that the 63% of right-wing voters support gay issues and would like to have a gay-friendly party. Among the left-wing voters, 70% are in favor of such a movement.

According to the institute of research, however, the 16% of Italians are absolutely against any kind of gay-friendly party. By contrast 55% think that the hypothetical pro-gay party’s issues should be shared by every Italian political movement.

Aurelio Mancuso, president of the Equality Italia association, told Gay Star News: ‘At the moment, the Italian parties don’t understand the real needs and requests of our citizens, both gay and straight. This is the real result of the survey.

‘But,’ he added, ‘with Italian electoral law as it is, a gay party would be suicide, because 13% is not enough to have real power in the parliament, without being part of a coalition.’

Mancuso is not surprised by the numbers of pro-LGBT people on the right: ‘I’ve been studying the Italian political situation in the last years and I know that Italian citizens are much more gay-friendly than Italian politicians. Our society is doing better than the members of parliament.’



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