Italians start class action case against footballer for gay slur

Italian consumers' association Codacons demands compensation from Antonio Cassano who said he didn't want 'queers' on his soccer team at Euro 2012

Italians start class action case against footballer for gay slur
13 June 2012

An Italian consumers’ association, Codacons, is demanding compensation from Italian footballer Antonio Cassano after his slur against gays.

Cassano, who’s playing at the Euro 2012, the European soccer tournament, with the Italian national team, yesterday said: ‘I hope there are not “froci” [queers] in our squad.’

The footballer was answering a question by a journalist who had asked him about the presence of gay players in his team.

Now Codacons is representing a group of gays for Italy’s first class action ever against an anti-gay slur.

A Codacons’ statement said: ‘All the gays who feel offended by Cassano’s words should ask for compensation for the moral damage. Our lawyers are ready for a class action.

‘Cassano’s words are dangerous because he is an example for thousands of youngsters and the fact he has said “sorry” is not enough.’

Yesterday, after the case made headlines around the world, the Italian footballer said: ‘I’m so sorry, I didn’t want to offend anyone. I’m not homophobic, I only wanted to say that I don’t care if my mates are gay.’

Watch Cassano’s interview (in Italian):



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