Italy gay association headquarters defaced by far right movement

An extreme right wing movement left an insulting banner in front of the headquarters of Italy's main gay association

Italy gay association headquarters defaced by far right movement
27 October 2012

Italy’s main LGBT association, Arcigay, headquarters situated in Bologna Northern Italy, has been defaced by men belonging to an extreme right wing movement Forza Nuova.

The group, which call for ‘a new Fascist era in Italy’, left a banner in front of the association’s headquarters stating: ‘Perversions must be cured’.

In response, Bologna’s politicians have expressed solidarity with the Arcigay.  

Mayor Virginio Merola said: ‘It’s simply disgusting.’

Sergio Lo Giudice, a local councillor and a former Arcigay president, said: ‘This fact recalls the Nazi persecutions and the hate of that period. We can only laugh at them.’

According to Arcigay’s management, the far right movement Forza Nuova is worried by the Gender Bender Festival arts festival that was launched today (27 October) in the city.

With regards to the banner, Arcigay has issued a press release stating: ‘They act like thieves at night. But the most worrying aspect is that Forza Nuova is a political movement running at several local and national elections, they are not outsiders.’

Solidarity has also been offered by the UDC, Union of Christian and Centre Democrats, a center right party.  A spokesperson for the party stated: ‘We are against same-sex marriage and adoption by LGBT people, but we condemn what has happened.’ 



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