Italy’s ex-King outed as gay, nephew threatens to sue

A dictionary of gay and bisexual presidents and kings includes former king Umberto II in a long list of personalities of the past

Italy’s ex-King outed as gay, nephew threatens to sue
17 August 2012

Italy’s Prince Emanuele Filiberto wants to sue a writer for having included his grandfather, former King Umberto II, in a list of gay and bisexual presidents and kings.

Didier Godard, writer of the ‘Dictionnaire des Chefs d’Etat homosexuel ou bisexuel’, wrote that Umberto II was gay and had an affair with film director and artist Luchino Visconti.

Italy had a monarchy until the end of World War II, but they were exiled after the war due to their support of Fascism.

The book, published by Béziers H&O, also lists other kings as gay including Richard the Lionheart, Alexander the Great, Henry III and Frederick the Great.

Filiberto, who is a TV celebrity in Italy, said: ‘This is defamation. This book must not be on sale and I want to sue the author because it damages the memory of my family.

‘But, as I’m in favor of gay marriage and LGBT issues, I’ll give all the money coming from compensation to Italian LGBT associations such as Arcigay and those fighting against homophobia.’

The author of the book writes also that Benito Mussolini, who governed in Italy for 20 years, spied on the king due to his homosexuality.

The prince added: ‘This is absolutely false. Mussolini spied on my grandfather fearing his support to the anti-Fascists. This book is based on a big lie.’



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