Italy’s gays and lesbians stage mass kiss to demand their rights

On Valentine's night crowds of gays and lesbians have kissed in squares, supermarkets, post offices and hospitals to protest against the 'lack of rights'

Italy’s gays and lesbians stage mass kiss to demand their rights
15 February 2013

Crowds of gays and lesbians have kissed in the Italian cities of Genoa and Bologna, last night, to protest ‘against the lack of rights’.

In Genoa, the activists met in Largo Pertini street and celebrated ‘an alternative Valentine’s Day’, as the local Arcigay association’s leaders said.

But it’s in Bologna that the main protest took place. At least 100 gays and lesbians kissed in the city’s main square, in a supermarket, in a post office and at the Bologna’s main hospital.

Leading LGBT association Arcigay’s president, Vincenzo Branà, said: ‘Now, it’s our turn. We chose symbolic places for a symbolic protest.’

An Arcigay’s statement reads: ‘We chose a supermarket, where people go shopping, a post office, where they have to pay taxes, and a hospital, where everyone has to go, sooner or later.

‘This is why a gay couple has a normal life, as everyone else, and we go to the same places the other people go.’

One year ago, Bologna’s Arcigay organized its first ‘kiss-in day’, to protest against conservative Members of Parliament who were opposing to LGBT rights.

Now, the Italian activists are asking the Partito Democratico, one of Italy’s main parties, to support LGBT rights openly.

PD’s leader Pierluigi Bersani earlier this month said he believes in a ‘German way’ to LGBT rights and same-sex unions, meaning that he wants to follow Berlin in civil partnership and pro-gay laws.

Italian same-sex couples don’t have any rights or duties and can not marry or get a civil partnership.



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