Italy’s Senate makes fresh bid for gay marriage

Italy's Senate will start the debate on a new law allowing same-sex marriage. Senator Sergio Lo Giudice: 'We are very late'

Italy’s Senate makes fresh bid for gay marriage
12 June 2013

Italian Senators are to start debating new laws that may give same-sex couples full marriage rights.

The gay marriage debate in the upper chamber of parliament will start on Tuesday (18 June).

The Justice Commission, one of the parliament’s organizations, is going to analyze several bills which have been presented by left and right-wing politicians.

The main one is the DDL (Disegno di Legge, the draft of a new law) presented by senator and former LGBT association Arcigay’s president Sergio Lo Giudice.

The draft, called ‘Norme Contro Le Discriminazioni Matrimoniali’ (rules against marriage discrimination) would make gay and lesbian marriage fully legal in Italy if it is passed.

But the parliament still seems unlikely to back the bill as the majority of Deputies and Senators are Catholic and will block the proposals.

The debate, however, will be a landmark attempt to find a solution to the lack of LGBT rights in Italy.

In 2007 the PD, Partito Democratico, tried to introduce civil partnership laws – giving marriage in all but name – but was defeated by the majority in parliament.

Senator Lo Giudice wrote on Facebook: ‘This is the latest attempt, in the last years we’ve denied the European recommendations, the high court rulings and some very basic human rights.’

Other bills have been presented by the Movimento 5 Stelle, the anti-bureaucracy and corruption party and movement, and by the left-wing Sinistra, Ecologia e Libertà party, led by gay Puglia governor Nichi Vendola.

Both options would also deliver full marriage rights, except for adoption privileges, and will also be introduced in the Senate on Tuesday (18 June).

The lower chamber is discussing two new draft equal marriage bills as well, both presented by gay Member of Parliament Ivan Scalfarotto.

Italian same-sex couples currently don’t have any rights guaranteed or any responsibilities imposed by the law.



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