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Jamaican transgender women speak-out

Brave transgender women in Jamaica record YouTube videos expressing their inner thoughts and feelings
Tiana Miller in the We Are Jamaicans campaign

Two transgender women in Jamaica have added their voices to the We Are Jamaicans campaign to encourage respect and understanding for LGBT people and increase their visibility in the Caribbean nation.

'I am not a threat to society,' says Whitney in her video.

'I don't want to spend most of my life hiding who I am from the world. I want you to see how beautiful I am. I want you to see how human I am.'

The We Are Jamaica campaign launched in January this year and features video from gay men, straight allies, lesbians and transgender people.

The project is funded by the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coaltion (CVC) and run by Jamaica Forum for Lesbians All-Sexuals and Gays (J-FLAG).

'The voices of transgender women in the We are Jamaicans campaign is in an effort to bring visibility to their lives and to not limit our definition of "woman" to genitalia,' said a statement from J-FLAG who are running the campaign.

'If you don't know me, what would you think?' asks Tiana Miller in another video.

'I don't have life easy. I feel alienated, always being bashed by society, but that doesn't change who I am or who I want to be.'

Watch the videos here:  

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