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Jane Lynch smacks nose, forgets speech, then gets star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Ryan Murphy and Christopher Guest pay tribute to Glee star at ceremony
Jane_Lynch star
Photo: Twitter

Jane Lynch had to be wondering how things would go when she received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this morning.

Before the ceremony, the Glee star tweeted that she had 'smacked my nose' with the car door Tuesday night and would have a 'sweet cut' across her nose. Then she arrived on Hollywood Boulevard and realized she had forgotten her speech at home.

But in the end, all went well as someone was able to help the actress retrieve her speech on a hand-held device and a 'make-up magic' concealed her cut nose.

Lynch said during the ceremony that she came to the boulevard in 1992 with her parents and excitedly had her photo taken next to Greta Garbo's star. She hopes someone will do the same at her star in the decades ahead.

She also reflected on her rise to fame which after years of theater work, she was cast by Christopher Guest in his film Best of Show after running into him at a restaurant.

'I'm so glad I decided to have a pancake at The Newsroom back in 1999 instead of a mushroom omelette at Urth Cafe,' she said to Guest who was on hand for the ceremony.

Also present was Glee creator Ryan Murphy who that same year cast her in a guest spot on his show Popular.

Lynch said to Murphy: 'I'm so glad you cast me in Popular and 10 years later you would hand me the role of a lifetime in Sue Sylvester.'

Murphy said of Lynch: 'She is the hardest working person on the set ... she makes everybody better and everybody happier. She is one of the comedy greats in our business - a true class act.'

He added: 'She helped make track suits hot again. ... She's one for the ages. She's a great gal and now she's a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.'

Guest, who went on to cast Lynch in the films For Your Consideration and A Mighty Wind, called her body of work in film, television and on stage 'incredible.'

'Jane has obviously been very persistent,' he said of the 53-year-old actress whose greatest successes came after the age of 40.

'She has incredible gifts,' Guest added. 'In all of (my) films, she's given inspired performances.'

In addition to her Emmy winning role on Glee, Lynch recently starred on Broadway in Annie and is currently hosting NBC's Hollywood Game Night.

Her film roles include 40 Year Old Virgin, Julie & Julia, The Three Stooges, and Role Models. On television, she has been as regular or had a recurring role on Two and a Half Men, Party Down and The L Word.

Lynch is currently divorcing wife Lara Embry who she married in 2010.

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