Jeremy Joseph calls for Pride London committee to resign

G-A-Y boss Jeremy Joseph and KU bar's Gary Henshaw are calling for committee to resign and take responsibility

Jeremy Joseph calls for Pride London committee to resign
01 July 2012

Jeremy Joseph, the boss of legendary UK club G-A-Y, is calling for the resignation of the Pride London committee.

Joseph, along with KU bar’s Gary Henshaw, are petitioning for the Pride London committee to accept responsibility and resign after it was reported they failed to organize World Pride celebrations properly.

Gay Star News revealed on 28 May that Pride London bosses axed the cars and floats from the parade.

Instead, on 7 July, there will be a procession with ‘walking groups only’, and start earlier at 11am due to the committee’s ‘cash crisis’.

On Joseph’s Facebook, he writes: ‘We both believe Pride should go ahead next Saturday and most importantly we want to be involved in helping to rebuild and repair the damage for London Pride 2013.

‘However this cannot happen unless the members of this year’s Pride Committee accept their responsibility and resign now. Then, and only then, can work start by the community to rebuild London Pride for a strong and financially stable future.

‘By liking this status and sharing it across Facebook, you are adding your signature to this petition calling for the immediate resignation of the current Pride London Committee.’

Pride London bosses have also cancelled a massive street party in the British capital’s LGBT district of Soho and cut down the World Pride rally in Trafalgar Square.

Figures released by gay rights activists suggest Pride London bosses lost £85,000 ($133,000 €105,000) as investors got nervous about a lack of support for the event and negative media coverage.

A Facebook ‘event’ group called Shame London has published an open letter to London mayor Boris Johnson expressing ‘utter dissatisfaction and anger’ at him, as well as Westminster Council and Pride London for the ‘utter disgrace of this year’s World Pride’.

The letter, by Alex Tarran, goes on to emphasize the negative impact on the community, well-meaning pride volunteers, tourists who have already booked flights and many others.

Terran asks Johnson to act, and says it is not too late: ‘We call on you now to end this, to reinstate World Pride as planned, to knock the heads of Westminster Council and the Met Police together and to take your rightful place at the front of our Carnival Parade.’

If you would like to sign Joseph and Henshaw’s petition, you can do so here.  



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