Jersey told to introduce gay marriage

One of the Channel Islands is being told to 'pull its finger out' and give gay couples the right to marry

Jersey told to introduce gay marriage
20 June 2014 Print This Article

The Channel Island of Jersey is being told to introduce same-sex marriage.

The Trade Union Congress has launched a campaign to ensure the island, the British crown dependency off the coast of France, supports equal marriage today (20 June).

In a letter to Ian Gorst, Jersey’s chief minister, the trade union General Secretary Frances O’Grady has said gay marriage has proved a popular move among politicians and the wider public.

‘Not everyone wants to get married, but those who do should be able to – their sexuality shouldn’t be a barrier,’ she said.

‘Same-sex couples on Jersey are keen for the same rights that LGBT couples have in England and Wales, and will soon have in Scotland.

‘It makes no sense for them to be denied the opportunity to tie the knot if they are keen to marry. I hope that Jersey soon changes its laws to allow same-sex weddings.’

Speaking to Gay Star News, a TUC spokesperson said: ‘It’s time for equal marriage. We want Jersey to pull their fingers out and do the right thing.’

A petition calling for equal rights for LGBTI people in the Channel Islands has attracted more than 1100 signatures.

Martin Gavet, of campaign group, has said Jersey should follow Guernsey’s lead as well in addressing legal discrimination against LGBTI people.

Jersey currently recognizes civil partnerships but has no equality law.



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