Jesus ‘rid’ me of being a lesbian claims Kenya woman on TV

Kenya's national television station aired a program featuring a woman claiming that thanks to her faith in Jesus she has been 'cured' from being a lesbian

Jesus ‘rid’ me of being a lesbian claims Kenya woman on TV
04 September 2012

A woman who claims to have been ‘cured’ from being a lesbian has appeared on Kenya’s national TV (NTV) recounting how through faith she found her role as a woman rather than being ‘man’-lesbian.

Susan, apparently a ‘former’ lesbian, appeared on the Christian themed show, Woman Without Limits stated: ‘I learnt what a woman is meant to be’ through ‘meeting Jesus’.

‘I had to do away with boxers, jeans and dreads,’ said Susan. ‘I had to accept my woman image, and fulfil what a woman GOD has made me to be.’

She also recounted that previous sexuality often led to her to feel shame and guilt.

She added that despite engaging in sexual relationships with women she was not at ease and struggled with her sexuality.

‘What would you tell a girl who is struggling with lesbianism?’ asked Rev Kathy Kiuna, the host of the show.

‘Don’t wait to be changed, come to God and he will change you. His love will change you,’ responded Susan who was sporting a short black dress with matching flip flops and a lime green top.

Pictures of her dressed ‘manly’ lesbian past were juxtaposed with her new found role as a ‘woman’ at the end of the show.

Susan, now claiming to be heterosexual, admitted that she still struggles with lesbian thoughts and urges, but that Christianity is helping her overcome her past sexuality: ‘By reading the word of GOD, by prayer you can be able to be a new person.’

Rev Kiua interjected explaining that ‘homosexuality is an abomination before God. God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

‘God is not the author of confusion. Marriage is a man and woman not two grownups deciding. Man and woman are to become husband and wife.

‘God can change you. Transform you.’

A viewer commented on the Facebook page of NTV that she nearly became a victim of a ‘lesbian ring’ saying that: ‘I know two ladies who were hardcore lesbians and they almost recruited me. They are now saved and into ministry.

‘One of them is a leader/preacher in Pastor Terry (the lady who was gang-raped on her wedding day and has died after 29 days of marriage). Homosexuality is a lifestyle. God bless you.’

Speaking with Gay Star News, Denis Nizoka, editor of Identity Kenya, the country’s main LGBT portal, said: ‘The show aired on NTV is putting the false message that being lesbian is a product of being “converted” at a young age.

‘Susan, who now claims to be straight, admitted that she still struggles with lesbian thoughts and feelings, resorting to prayer and fasting to “deal with them”.

‘The program thus attempts to advance the totally discredited idea that homosexuality is taught or learnt and thus can be ‘unlearnt’ or cured. Susan’s own admission contradicts this.

‘Such programs are designed to make Kenyan society and families not safe places for someone who is discovering their sexually. Susan’s testimony should challenge us keep our focus on making the environment better for LGBT youth.’



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