Jews and gays are destroying America, claims Iran state TV site

Iran’s state-owned Press TV publishes online article claiming ‘Jewish Mafia’ is controlling US and pushing the gay agenda

Jews and gays are destroying America, claims Iran state TV site
09 January 2013

Iran’s state-owned English-language news network has published an article claiming the US is being run by a ‘Jewish Mafia’ keen to promote homosexuality.

The op-ed in the ‘Viewpoints’ section of Press TV’s website, blames ‘Zionists’ for the state of America’s economy and says that won’t improve until they are removed from power.

The article is authored by Mike Stathis, who claims to be the ‘leading authority in the world on the economic collapse’ but also to have been ‘banned’ by other media.

Both he and Press TV have been accused in the past of anti-Semitism.

Stathis’ article focuses on the ‘Jewish Mafia’ he claims wants to ‘seize complete control of the entire world’.

But he also argues ‘gay and lesbianism’, among other things, have damaged America.

Stathis says: ‘Today, multiculturalism, feminism, gay and lesbianism, affirmative action and political correctness have overwhelmed America. The result of this war on US society has been socioeconomic decay, gender confusion and the breakdown of the family unit.

‘The Jewish Mafia’s media-entertainment complex has been the primary weapon utilized in this socioeconomic war against America.’

In the 4,600 word article about the causes and likely outcomes of what he terms ‘America’s Second Great Depression’, Stathis goes on to claim the US education system is designed to ‘brainwash’ people.

He writes: ‘The real purpose of the US educational system is to keep the population dumbed down, deluded and docile.

‘This makes it much easier for the masses to accept mandates set forth by the establishment, such as political correctness, affirmative action, feminism, homosexuality and other themes intended to weaken gender identity, individuality, the family unit and the entire society.’

Press TV is a state-owned media corporation based in Tehran, the Iranian capital, and designed to counter what the government sees as western propaganda.

Its high-profile presenters and commentators include Lauren Booth, sister-in-law to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair; George Galloway, a UK Member of Parliament; and Yvonne Ridley, former Al Jazeera journalist. Former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone used to contribute but no-longer does so.

Despite its claims to want to improve international understanding, Press TV has been accused of propaganda and anti-Semitism in the past.



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