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Jim Parsons wins his fourth best actor in a comedy Emmy for The Big Bang Theory

Openly gay actor thanks his late father for always encouraging him
Photo: CBS

Jim Parsons won his fourth Emmy on Monday (25 August) for his performance on the smash CBS comedy series The Big Bang Theory.

'Wow, oh my God I don't believe this,' a surprised Parsons said after prevailing over the field that included Louis C.K., Don Cheadle, Ricky Gervais, Matt LeBlanc, and William H. Macy.

'To say that I watch your work and I feel inspired is a bit of an understatement,' Parsons said to his competitors.

He said of his win: 'There's no accounting for taste. Through a lot of good fortune, I stand up here tonight.'

Parsons singled out his late father, Micky Parsons, at the end of his speech.

'He encouraged me to be an actor, he never discouraged me,' he said. 'In a career that hinges on confidence so much of the time, that was a really great gift.'

Parsons recently received a hefty raise for the show's eighth season - $1 million per episode.

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