Jindal reaffirms traditional marriage position

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal repeats stand for traditional marriage

Jindal reaffirms traditional marriage position
24 February 2013

On today’s (24 February) NBC News program Meet the Press, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal reaffirmed his stance on traditional marriage.

When asked if he agreed with former Utah governor Jon Huntsman that it was time for the GOP to push for marriage rights for gay couples and families, Jindal replied no.

‘Look, I believe in the traditional definition of marriage,’ Jindal said to host David Gregory. ‘We lost [the 2012 election] because we didn’t present a vision showing how we believe the entire economy can grow, how people can join the middle class. We’re an aspirational party and we need policies that are consistent with that aspirational private sector growth.’

In an opinion piece for the American Conservative magazine Huntsman, who ran in the 2012 Republican presidential primary, wrote he now favors same sex marriage as opposed to civil unions. He sees his new stance in line with Abraham Lincoln, one of the founders of the Republican Party.

‘All Americans should be treated equally by the law, whether they marry in a church, another religious institution, or a town hall … The party of Lincoln should stand with our best tradition of equality and support full civil marriage for all Americans,’ Huntsman wrote.

Jindal’s name is consistently mentioned when commentators wonder who will carry the GOP banner in 2016. He brushed back any such talk, insisting Republicans win political arguments before worrying about elections.

Below is a clip from the show.



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