Jodie Harsh rallies the troops to support London’s gay pride

Pride bosses need to raise more cash and get a small army of volunteers to make the event go ahead in the UK capital

Jodie Harsh rallies the troops to support London’s gay pride
08 March 2013

Your Pride Needs You; that’s the message DJ and promoter Jodie Harsh has given to LGBT Londoners.

Dressed as Lord Kitchener to reflect the famous World War I British recruitment poster, Harsh hopes to get the troops to fall in line to make Pride in London work this summer.

The parade, rally and party are scheduled for 29 June but the new organizers, London LGBT+ Community Pride has warned it may all be scaled back or axed if they don’t raise enough cash or get enough volunteers.

They will make that decision in April – although GSN understands they are optimistic they will reach their targets.

Pride bosses will hit the streets of the gay district of Soho tomorrow (9 March) to try to recruit more volunteers. They have also launched a campaign to encourage individuals to donate to Pride.

Pride chair Michael Salter said: ‘It takes nearly half a million pounds and hundreds of volunteers to put on a safe and fun Pride in London and we are up against a tight timetable this year.

‘We are seeking the backing of the whole community to help make Pride the huge success that we know it can be. Whether you give money or give time, we need your support, your ideas, your expertise, energy and enthusiasm.’

You can get involved by visiting the London LGBT+ Community Pride website.



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