Joe Biden on marriage equality: ‘It’s going to happen’

VP has optimistic words for lesbian couple during weekend campaign stop

Joe Biden on marriage equality: ‘It’s going to happen’
10 September 2012

It was US Vice President Joe Biden who jumped the gun with his support of marriage equality no doubt speeding up the timeline of President Barack Obama’s own endorsement.

Biden, during a weekend campaign stop in Chillicothe, Ohio, encountered a lesbian couple and said of same-sex marriage: ‘It’s going to happen.’

The couple, Cathy Pool and Mendy Yates, have been together for 25 years and said Obama and Biden’s personal support on this issue meant ‘everything in the world.’

According to, Pool said that Biden ‘thanked us for the courage to hang in there.’

Last week’s Democratic  National Convention, during which Obama and Biden were officially nominated for second terms, was unprecedented in its support for LGBT equality.

Not only was marriage equality part of the official party platform, but LGBT people and issues were mentioned in many speeches including the president’s and First Lady Michelle Obama’s.



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