Joe Manganiello talks about Magic Mike co-star Matt Bomer

'Matt is hysterically funny ... one of the funniest people that I know'

Joe Manganiello talks about Magic Mike co-star Matt Bomer
21 June 2012

When they were students studying acting together at Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, Joe Manganiello and Matt Bomer probably could not have imagined that they would one day be two of the stars of one of the summer’s most highly-anticipated movies.

The two television hunks, best known for HBO’s True Blood and USA Network’s White Collar, respectively, both have roles in Magic Mike as male strippers.

‘I was in Spider-Man and I’ve been a part of some pretty big movies and big projects, and I’ve never seen anything like the amount of attention and curiosity about it like Magic Mike. It is wild,’ Manganiello tells in an interview published today (21 June).

It’s been nice, he says, to be able to work with old friend Bomer not only on the movie, but on an episode of White Collar which aired earlier this year.

‘Matt is hysterically funny,’ Manganiello says. ‘Matt is one of the funniest people that I know, so the two of us together we were just laughing our asses off the whole time.’

He was not surprised that the openly gay Bomer was able to pull off being a stripper.

‘I know Matt really, really well and Matt is the kind of actor that can pull off anything,’ he says. ‘The guy is so versatile. Especially even at school, he was a triple threat, and he was a computer major. He was a singer, dancer, actor, so I wouldn’t say that I was shocked by any of it, but I will say that working on the movie was probably the most fun I think I’ve ever had at work.’



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