John and Sally Bercow join Stonewall fundraising walk

Brighton gay Equality Walk will welcome Speaker of the House of Commons and his wife

John and Sally Bercow join Stonewall fundraising walk
27 April 2012

John and Sally Bercow will be joining hundreds of Stonewall supporters on the ninth annual Equality Walk on 6 May in the southern English seaside city of Brighton.

The 10k walk raises funds for Stonewall’s Education for All program, which helps schools tackle homophobia so they’re safe and supportive for children from all families.

John Bercow is the Speaker of the House of Commons while his wife Sally has become a household name in Britain due to a saucy photoshoot and celebrity TV appearances.

The Bercows have a long history of supporting gay equality and Stonewall – Britain’s leading lesbian, gay and bisexual campaign organization.

Sally Bercow completed a parachute jump for the charity in October 2010, raising nearly £2,000 for Stonewall’s work in schools. The couple also attended Stonewall’s Equality Dinner on 29 March this year, which raised nearly £400,000 for anti-homophobia work.

The pair have set up a JustGiving page for people who wish to support them.

They will join celebrity hosts Jane Hazlegrove from TV drama Casualty and Harry Derbidge from scripted reality show The Only Way Is Essex at the Equality Walk’s starting line. Over 500 Walkers took part in 2011, raising over £50,000. Hundreds of people have already registered for this year’s event, which is supported by American Express.

Stonewall deputy chief executive Laura Doughty said: ‘We’re delighted that John and Sally will be joining us for this year’s Brighton Equality Walk.

‘It’s is an incredibly important event for Stonewall and our supporters, helping raise money that really does make life much better for gay young people.’

The Gay Star News team from our UK office will also be there and GSN is supporting the walk.

To find out more and register for the walk call +44 (0)20 7593 1875 or visit the site.

And remember, because it’s a public holiday the following day, most entrants will have a day to recover from the exertion.



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