John Barrowman admits he ‘would love to make out with Stephen Amell’

Gay actor has mysterious new role with Amell in new hit show Arrow

John Barrowman admits he ‘would love to make out with Stephen Amell’
11 December 2012

John Barrowman has shared plenty of kissing scenes with other men in his role as Captain Jack Harkness on Torchwood

In the current issue of TV Guide, the openly gay star  admits he wouldn’t mind if similar scenes were written into his new role on The CW’s new hit show Arrow – especially if they also involve series star Stephen Amell.

Barrowman plays Malcom who he describes as a ‘troubled hero’ whose methods in attempting to clean up the city clash with those of the show’s hero.

‘I don’t think we ever will!’ he says of a same-sex love scene. ‘Although I would love to make out with Stephen Amell, I don’t think these two are gonna bed down. I always ask him if I can play some xylophone on his abs (Laughs).’

When the interviewer remarks that Barrowman ‘doesn’t hold back,’ the actor says: ‘I am what I am, and I don’t hide it. If anybody asked me to change, I would tell them to f— off.’



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