John Barrowman talks about Arrow star Stephen Amell’s body

'It’s in my contract that every scene we do together, he is nude'

John Barrowman talks about Arrow star Stephen Amell’s body
03 October 2012

John Barrowman thought he was about to enjoy a rare five-week vacation in Palm Springs when he got a call from the folks over at The CW’s new series The Arrow asking if he’d like to appear on the show.

He was soon off to Vancouver filming scenes of the show with its hunky star, Stephen Amell.

‘It’s in my contract that every scene we do together, he is nude,’ Barrowman jokes in an interview with

The Torchwood star says he’s only seen the 31-year-old Amell ‘in his clothes’ on the set but it was enough for him to be able to tell what phenomenal shape the actor is in.

‘Oh my God, yeah. I’m 46, right? And I think I still look good for my age,’ Barrowman says. ‘But I’ve got a little bit of love handles going on which I’m desperately trying to get rid of, and at work I stood next to him and I was in a trendy looking suit and he had the pants, the low-cut ones and a shirt but it was like his pants kind of sat off his hips and there was a gap. And I’m going, ‘Oh.’’

‘But you know what? I looked like that when I was in my twenties,’ he adds. ‘We all had our moments, and he’s got his moment. At one point I said, ‘You know what? Enjoy it now because when you hit 30, it’s a hell of lot harder to keep that.’ It all changes. It certainly does. I like to eat. I like my dinner.’

Barrowman is secretive about his Arrow role.

‘I’m playing a character who is pivotal to the plotline,’ he says. ‘I can’t tell you anything about him. He is only known as ‘the well-dressed man.’ But it’s the genre I love, science fiction and fantasy, and it’s something different. I’m a bad guy, but I think – me as the actor looking at it – I see myself as a good guy.’

I’m excited about the whole thing because it’s really nice to be involved with a show that I’m literally going in and out of,’ he adds. ‘I hope that if it’s a success – and this is me personally talking, this has not been said to me – I hope that the character will be liked enough that they will keep it in and put it in as a series regular. I think it would be a good dynamic.’



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