John Travolta faces new gay-related lawsuit

Author of book about gay bathhouse culture accuses the actor and his attorney of libel

John Travolta faces new gay-related lawsuit
22 June 2012

The good news for John  Travolta is that two male masseurs who are accusing him of sexual harassment have yet to refile their lawsuits which they dropped last month.

The bad news is now someone else is suing the Oscar nominated actor.

This week, the author of a self-published book called You’ll Never Spa in This Town Again filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court against Travolta and his attorney, Marty Singer. 

Robert Randolph is seeking unspecified damages and charges that the pair harmed his reputation with false statements and hurt the sales of his book which alleges he had sexual encounters with Travolta and other celebrities.

The lawsuit stems from when Gawker used part of Randolph’s book as source material for the article The Secret Sex Life of John Travolta.

Singer made legal threats to Gawker Media and sent a cease-and-desist letter which alleged that Randolph was an unreliable source in part because several people maintain that he had spent time in mental institutions.

Gawker posted Singer’s entire letter online.

Singer tells E! News that the lawsuit is ‘ridiculous.’

‘It is based on our letter which was completely privileged under the law,’ he says. ‘We intend to sue the attorneys for malicious prosecution after the court promptly dismisses this baseless lawsuit.’

Meanwhile, a pair of lawsuits were filed against the actor by two male masseurs accusing him of sexual battery and harassment have been withdrawn. But the accusers have enlisted the services of famed attorney Gloria Allred and may refile.

Singer has denied all allegations.



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