John Travolta holidays in ‘gay’ isle of Greece

Hollywood actor and wife sun themselves in Mykonos, known as one of the greatest gay destinations

John Travolta holidays in ‘gay’ isle of Greece
19 July 2012

It must be hard being John Travolta recently, with the continuing rumors surrounding the Hollywood actor’s sexuality.

So it is understandable he has taken some time out with wife Kelly Preston to holiday in a beautiful island of Greece, Mykonos, also known as one of the world’s greatest gay destinations.

While Travolta was surely hoping Greece would be the word on everyone’s lips, plenty of people are asking why he would choose a ‘gay’ island for vacation.

British tourist Nick Cracknell spotted the couple, and told tabloid newspaper Daily Star: ‘It was funny to see him in gay Mykonos at a time he’s been furiously denying he’s gay.

‘I guess he took Kelly along to protect him from any approaches. Mind you, with all that weight he’s put on, I doubt he would be much in demand.’

The ‘Hairspray’ star is currently fighting lawsuits by two male masseurs in the US, who claim Travolta groped and demanded sex from them.

There were also claims Travolta had a six year relationship with a pilot Doug Gotterba, according to his former secretary.

Gotterba is also understood to be writing a ‘tell-all’ book about their love affair, which allegedly happened prior to Travolta meeting his wife.

The actor has completely denied all the allegations made against him. Gay Star News understands there may also be straight people on Mykonos. 



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