John Travolta wants ex cruise line steward to drop charges against him

John Travolta wants former cruise line employee Fabian Zanzi to drop lawsuit against him and pay for his attorney's fees

John Travolta wants ex cruise line steward to drop charges against him
06 August 2012

John Travolta wants former Royal Carribean Cruise line steward Fabian Zanzi to drop unsubstantiated sex assault charges against him and pay his attorney’s fees.

Zanzi is filing for unspecified damages stemming from an alleged incident on a 2009 cruise, in which he asserts that he was sexually harassed by Travolta.

The claims against Travolta have not been proven in any sense.

Court documents filed on Friday (4 August) by Travolta’s lawyer Marty Singer show that the actor acknowledges he was on the cruise, although he denies having behaved in an inappropriate manner towards the cruise ship steward.

Travolta also emphasized the report Zanzi filed with Royal Carribean, in which he did not mention any sexual overtures that were made by the actor.

‘The incident report now confirms Mr Zanzi fabricated his story about my client. He never stated that my client did anything wrong’, said Singer in an interview with TMZ.

‘Obviously, if he had engaged in any inappropriate conduct he would have reported it to his supervisors.’

According to TMZ, Zanzi had reported the incident when it happened, and was disciplined for violating the no fraternization rule of the company when he gave Travolta the neck massage the actor had asked for. He was also reported to have said that the management did not allow him to write out details pertaining to sexual contact or nudity.

Zanzi subsequently updated his story back in June, giving more explicit details on how Travolta opened his robe and forcefully hugged him during that incident. He claimed he was offered $12,000 (€9,700) from Travolta to keep the incident quiet.

A representative for Royal Carribean stated that Zanzi resigned on 18 May 2011 and was not fired by the cruise company. GSN notes that no claims against Travolta have been proved.



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