Jonathan Groff on his role as Kelsey Grammer’s ambitious aide on Boss

'His sexuality comes through in his desire to get ahead'

Jonathan Groff on his role as Kelsey Grammer’s ambitious aide on Boss
06 August 2012

Jonathan Groff, best known for his roles on TV’s Glee and in Broadway’s Spring Awakening, begins a new television role on 17 August as Kelsey Grammer’s ambitious political aide in the Starz drama Boss.

Grammer plays the mayor of Chicago in a show that is returning for its second season with Groff as a regular.

While Groff is openly gay in real life, it’s not clear what the sexuality of his latest TV character is.

‘Ian’s sort of m.o. is that he will do anything to get ahead,’ the actor tells ‘I think power is the thing that turns him on the most so whether it’s a man or a woman or someone older, it’s all about whatever he can do to progress in the political. It’s really not about his personal life. It’s about accelerating politically so his sexuality comes through in his desire to get ahead.’

Asked if Ian’s sexuality will be on display in an upcoming episode, Groff smiled broadly, nodded his head and said: ‘Yes! Very much. It’s very much seen.’

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