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Julian Clary compares fight for gay marriage to suffragette struggle

Comic says: 'When women were given the vote, some people talked about society crumbling - and it didn't.'
Julian Clary compares the fight for gay marriage to the suffragette struggle of the 20th century
Photo by BBC.

Gay comedian Julian Clary has compared the fight for gay marriage to the struggle by the suffragettes to achieve equal voting rights for women.

Known for his camp double entendre humor, the renowned British comic talked straight to The Telegraph and said allowing gay and lesbian people to marry would be a measure of ‘true equality’.

He compared the fight for same-sex marriage equality with the suffragette struggle in the early 20th century.

He said: ‘When women were given the vote, some people talked about society crumbling - and it didn't. Gay marriage is nothing to worry about. It is about being civilised.’

While Clary said David Cameron’s decision to back gay marriage was ‘brave’, he was disappointed it was not included in the Queen’s Speech. He urged the Prime Minister ‘to get on with it’.

The UK government launched a 12-week public consultation on gay marriage on 15 March, and Cameron has said it will be legalised in 2015.

However, the Prime Minister is to offer Conservative MPs a free vote on the Government's plans to legalise gay marriage amid growing discontent from the back-benchers.

Critics questioned the Prime Minister's commitment to the reform after it emerged that he will not force MPs to vote, as well as concerns he might be backing down on the idea.

Both Conservative George Osborne and Liberal Democrat Lynne Featherstone, who instigated the consultation, have admitted it is not the ‘number one priority’.

Home Secretary Theresa May became the most senior member of government to make an Out4Marriage video on Thursday (24 May).

You can take part in the government’s consultation on equalizing gay marriage here.

Tickets are also available for Julian Clary’s new UK tour Position Vacant, Apply Within.  

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