Karl Lagerfeld: I want to marry my cat

Gay Chanel designer has revealed he has fallen in love with the one-year-old pampered pussycat and would marry her if it was legal

Karl Lagerfeld: I want to marry my cat
06 June 2013

As thousands of LGBT people around the world fight to marry their love, eccentric gay designer Karl Lagerfeld has a slightly different plan.

The Chanel ‘cat-ture’ designer and creative director has said he has ‘fallen in love’ with his white Siamese pussy Choupette and would marry her if it was legal.

‘You know, there is no marriage yet for human beings and animals,’ Lagerfeld told CNN. ‘I never thought that I would fall in love like this with a cat.’

The white pedigree already sleeps on a silken pillow, has her own iPad, and Lagerfeld’s maids write down every little purr and swish of her tail when the German designer is away, so he always know what is up with his prized pussycat.

Lagerfeld also used the interview to defend his comments where he said British singer Adele was fat.

‘I never said she was fat. I said that she was a little roundish; a little roundish is not fat. But for such a beautiful girl, after that she lost eight kilos so I think the message was not that bad,’ he said.

Choupette’s ‘personality’ on Twitter is of a French diva with expensive taste, whose biography reads: ‘I’m a famous beauty who refuses to eat on the floor & my maids pamper my every need. I am Choupette Lagerfeld and I am a spoiled pussy.’



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