Kathy Griffin to join gay BFF Anderson Cooper for CNN New Year’s Eve show

Jokes Cooper: 'Wait...what? CNN hired her again? For real?'

Kathy Griffin to join gay BFF Anderson Cooper for CNN New Year’s Eve show
17 December 2013

Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin once again have a date on New Year’s Eve.

The real-life besties will co-host CNN’s annual live coverage from Times Square in New York for the seventh straight year.

Because of Griffin’s antics during past telecasts such as dropping an f-bomb, her participation always seems be in question up until a few weeks before the broadcast.

‘Wait…what? CNN hired her again? For real?’ Cooper said in a tongue-in-cheek statement.

Griffin had a statement of her own: ‘I’m so thrilled Anderson Cooper has agreed to be my assistant once again as I single-handedly host New Year’s Eve on CNN for my global adoring audience.’

The pair share an undeniable on-screen chemistry which works best with the openly gay Cooper acting as straight man to Griffin’s outrageous comedy. The CNN anchor often finds himself dissolved in helpless giggles.

Earlier this year, the duo reportedly taped a daytime talk show pilot together for CNN but there has been no word about it going to series.

Griffin once took most of her clothes off during a New Year’s Eve telecast and another time got on her knees as if she was going to perform oral sex on her pal.

But her most memorable faux pas occurred in 2008 when, apparently thinking CNN had gone to commercial, she yelled at a heckler: "Shut up! I’m working! Why don’t you get a job buddy? You know, I don’t go to your job and knock the dicks out of your mouth!"’



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