Kazakhstan plans Russia-style ‘gay propaganda’ laws

Politicians in the former Soviet state want to follow in Mother Russia's footsteps in banning Gay Pride, LGBT-friendly clubs and 'disgusting relations'

Kazakhstan plans Russia-style ‘gay propaganda’ laws
19 August 2013

Kazakhstan could be following in the footsteps of Russia and planning ‘gay propaganda’ laws.

According to local media, members of parliament (MPs) believe the former Soviet country needs a law to ban gay clubs and pride festivals.

Aldan Smaiyl, a member of the Majilis (lower chamber of parliament), has filed a request to ban ‘gay propaganda’.

‘I asked to ban gay clubs, demonstrations and any and all of these disgusting relations,’ he said.

‘I received a reply that Kazakhstan had no such law.’

Smaiyl is planning to lobby the adoption of the law in September, saying all of his voters are supporting him on his campaign.

He said he will raise the issue with the Social-Cultural Developmental Committee of the Majilis first, and then talk to the entire lower chamber of parliament.

‘This should not continue the way they are now,’ Smaiyl added.

He has the support of other politicians such as Murat Akhmadiyev who believes a ‘gay propaganda’ law should not even be put up for a discussion in Kazakhstan.

‘Homosexuality is a clearly unacceptable behavior,’ he said. ‘We have always said that our country is different, not like Europe.’

While the politician said LGBT people should not be ‘infringed on their rights,’ and banning same-sex relationships entirely would be inappropriate, Kazakhstan should stand up for its principles.

He said the further ‘spread of homosexuality’ in Kazakhstan should be harnessed and supressed.

Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov has yet to indicate whether he is in favor of ‘gay propaganda’ laws.

Kazakhstan is not the only Soviet state to consider ‘gay propaganda’ laws after Mother Russia passed them earlier this year.

In July, it was revealed Moldova had quietly passed the law banning ‘the distribution of information…aimed at the propagation of prostitution, pedophilia, pornography or of any other relations than those related to marriage or family.’



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