KD Lang splits from long-term partner

Lesbian country singer has legally ended her domestic partnership with her long-term partner Jamie Price

KD Lang splits from long-term partner
28 September 2012

Lesbian country singer k.d. lang is single after her domestic partnership legally dissolved last week.

The ‘Constant Craving’ singer met lawyer Jamie Price in 2003 through a Buddhist teacher, and has given no reason to the end of their relationship.

According to the official documents acquired by TMZ, the couple registered for a domestic partnership in 2009 and separated in August 2011.

Both women have waived partner support and have agreed to a clean division of property.

Canadian born Lang is one of the most successful country artists of all time.

Winning multiple Grammy awards, Lang came out in an interview with The Advocate in 1992.

In an interview with Canadian LGBT news website Xtra!, she said: ‘To celebrate your own uniqueness is the biggest celebration of confidence.

‘It’s a testimony to your parents and to yourself to live your life as who you are.’

Lang believes that being truthful to who you are, and remaining unhappy, affects you.

‘Coming out as a lesbian was important,’ she said. ‘When you’re holding in things or not being honest, all these things affect your voice. My voice is definitely designated to who I am as a person.’



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